found a place

Cool bike lockup huh?

Pretty sure we missed many call-backs for apartments because we had to give a long-distance number. Not so much because it’s long-distance, but because people would rather rent to someone local. Fair enough.

We saw a few more places today, including a two-bedroom in Waikiki for $1750 with a very nice view. Thing is, we don’t want to live in Waikiki. Each bedroom had an ensuite marble tub though. *sigh*

Later today we found a place we really did like though – $1500 for a two-bedroom apt near the University, Waikiki and downtown. The price would be laughable in Victoria but here it’s a pretty good deal.

By bike, everything will be accessible. Our bikes arrive along with everything else by ship in 4-6 weeks if all goes according to plan. We’ve got a rental car for a week, then it’s

Folks here are very friendly for the most part. I think they’re friendlier the less you look like DefaultTourist, too. As I get a little more tanned, I might be able to pass for SurferBum, which is an upgrade from WhiteTourist.

Gotta take what you can get! :)

I know it sounds positively odd, but I’m kinda missing the snow a little bit. Strange huh?

We adjusted quickly to the differences in apartment-hunting here. Rather than looking for south-facing like in Victoria, here the landlords emphasize the A/C in the unit, and how it’s shaded by trees. The place we did find had a great breeze blowing right through it. In Victoria it would be Darn Windy but here’s it’s Just Right.


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