north shore

We drove to Sunset Beach on the fabled north shore today. Ummwow.

It’s everything it’s supposed to be. I played in the biggest waves I’ve ever seen up close, and these were tiny. Maybe 7 feet high. Nobody even bothered surfing them…

I’ve heard about how powerful big waves are, but this was up close and personal, and they’re not playing around. Wow. Just before I called it quits, one picked me up and moved me about 15 feet towards the beach, and all I could do was paddle my hands along the bottom and try not to faceplant.

Some people there could actually bodysurf them, which was wild.


As we left, I went to shower the salt water off and change into some dry clothes. I got than I bargained for…

As I was drying off, I kept hearing someone saying, “oy” (as one would say “hey” to get your attention) but didn’t pay it any mind as I didn’t think they were talking to me. They kept on getting louder and louder. Finally I looked up, and there were about 8 guys milling around on the property next to the park/showers.

Someone said, “go home and don’t come back here”. It was time to go, calmly and without fear. As I finished drying off a few small rocks landed in the grass around me. Little ones, designed to scare and not to injure. Ok, no problem. Just keep moving and we’ll be fine.

I walked out of the park, ignoring them and that was that, I was back in the car parking stalls.

Gotta be careful if you’re white around some parts of Hawaii. :/

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