another day

Costco here sells surfboards. :)

Most of the little cultural differences are quite enjoyable but some aspects of the culture here are suprisingly backward. Helmets are optional, and rarely used on bikes or motorcycles. Not good. Recycling is pretty new here too, which is just boggling coming from BC.

They’ve just implemented this new idea wherein you pay a small deposit on bottles, and when you return them you get that deposit back. Sort of like BC did in the 70s. :)

We got the keys to our new place today. Woo! Roadrunner internet will be installed on the 25th. My cell is supposed to be able to do wireless though, which will help if we ever travel.

Yay du jour: It’s so gosh-durned windy in our apartment.

Beef of the day: Nothing ever dries here if it’s in the shade, so our hotel room is full of semi-damp clothes. Mildew Danger, Will Robinson!

Also, rush hour sucks just as much here as anywhere else. 900k peeps live in this city, ya know.

Other stats:

Hawaii is the most culturally diverse state (Caucasion = 20%).
Hawaii ranks last in school system.
5th highest cell phone use here.
Best weather. Ever.


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