pics of the new place

It’s been exactly one week since we arrived. Wow. It feels like we’ve been here a month. We have an apartment, a cellphone, a landline, food in the fridge, cable internet is coming in tomorrow, we know the lay of the land and we have a boogie board. It’s been a hard, wonderful week.

Below are some pics of our new place. The move was mostly uneventful, but more on that later. I’m online via cellphone and the battery is dying.

Resize of IMG_1163.JPG

Evgenya’s desk is at the University of Hawaii. Mine is right here at home. A very new model, hardly out of the wrapper(s).

Resize of IMG_1165.JPG

The blow-up mattress we’ll be sleeping on while our stuff trudges its way across the Pacific ocean. We couldn’t quite blow it up all the way even using a car-driven pump, so it’s really only supportive enough when we’re both on it at once. Some kinda enforced romance thing, I suppose. :)

Resize of Rotation of IMG_1166.JPG

In the shower and nothing clean to wear? No More Excuses!!

PS: Evgenya just got back from Safeway. The mangoes were from Ecuador, mushrooms were $5/pound USD and they didn’t know what free range eggs were.

We did get a nice Merlot for $7.99 though. :)


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