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Tree chopping

February 28, 2005


Today is the first day of construction on our building, and they’ve started off by trimming trees. One of the first trees is the huge one outside our window. For the last month it’s given us shade and privacy.

Now large branches are being hacked off. We now have a great view of the parking lot, and the sun is blasting in. *sigh*

Evgenya is going to be pretty shocked by the change when she gets home. As of this writing, the tree is half-gone.

Tomorrow is moving day. Time to go.



palolo baby

February 17, 2005

Evgenya did a better job of describing our new abode:

WE FOUND A PLACE! This is the least practical place to live but we were blinded by the beauty. So much so, that we have convinced ourselves that we can live in 500 square feet of space, with no high-speed internet, a prohibitively long walk to shul, definitely not walkable to school, no jogging, 10 minutes of dirt road and no mailbox – we need a P.O. box. It’s just that beautiful!

I think we’re nuts but we saw so many crappy apartments in Honolulu that when we saw a beautiful, quiet place that was built with care and some sense of aesthetic, we had to grab it.

We move in on March 1. And then we’ll get our stuff out of storage only to get rid of half of it because there is no place to put it. we’re crazy, and thrilled.


I got a Hawaii driver’s license today. It took about two hours of standing in lines, paying fees, standing more lines, writing a test, standing in lines.. you get the idea. Having it makes me feel more local, to be sure.

Next up, an employment card.
Then a Social Security Number.
And then… a US$ credit card! :)

found a place, again

February 2, 2005

Some good news – we found a place to live!

A dirt road winds lazily up the hill until you arrive in a clearing with a view of the valley and Waikiki beyond it.

It’s a one-bedroom tucked up in the Palolo valley, smaller than we were hoping, but it’s a see-it-must-have-it kinda thing, so sacrifices will be made. Like high-speed internet. Yes, we may or may not be able to get broadband or DSL out there.

If all else fails I’ll get all-you-can-eat access through a Verizon card in the laptop, but that’s non-ideal. Speaking of the laptop, it’s back!

I haven’t been able to post lately as my hard drive decided to take a little nap. I didn’t lose much data, and now it’s just a matter of tweaking preferences, setting things up again, etc.

Doing email on the server again put me in touch with 400-odd spam messages a day. Without the mostly-adequate Eudora filtering it was daunting to keep up, so I’ve decided to retire the aaron@ email jersey.

aarond at wondermill is the new address, it’s up and running now.

BTW – the comment spam bots found the blog, so I turned off commenting for now.

Introducing… Gecko!

February 2, 2005

We found a car!

I’d like to introduce you to ‘Gecko’. He’s a 1995 Tercel with just 28,800 miles on him. We love him even though he smells like old bananas. And he doesn’t have hubcaps. :)

In any case, great on gas and very reliable we hope. Pic taken with cellphone camera.