found a place, again

Some good news – we found a place to live!

A dirt road winds lazily up the hill until you arrive in a clearing with a view of the valley and Waikiki beyond it.

It’s a one-bedroom tucked up in the Palolo valley, smaller than we were hoping, but it’s a see-it-must-have-it kinda thing, so sacrifices will be made. Like high-speed internet. Yes, we may or may not be able to get broadband or DSL out there.

If all else fails I’ll get all-you-can-eat access through a Verizon card in the laptop, but that’s non-ideal. Speaking of the laptop, it’s back!

I haven’t been able to post lately as my hard drive decided to take a little nap. I didn’t lose much data, and now it’s just a matter of tweaking preferences, setting things up again, etc.

Doing email on the server again put me in touch with 400-odd spam messages a day. Without the mostly-adequate Eudora filtering it was daunting to keep up, so I’ve decided to retire the aaron@ email jersey.

aarond at wondermill is the new address, it’s up and running now.

BTW – the comment spam bots found the blog, so I turned off commenting for now.


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