palolo baby

Evgenya did a better job of describing our new abode:

WE FOUND A PLACE! This is the least practical place to live but we were blinded by the beauty. So much so, that we have convinced ourselves that we can live in 500 square feet of space, with no high-speed internet, a prohibitively long walk to shul, definitely not walkable to school, no jogging, 10 minutes of dirt road and no mailbox – we need a P.O. box. It’s just that beautiful!

I think we’re nuts but we saw so many crappy apartments in Honolulu that when we saw a beautiful, quiet place that was built with care and some sense of aesthetic, we had to grab it.

We move in on March 1. And then we’ll get our stuff out of storage only to get rid of half of it because there is no place to put it. we’re crazy, and thrilled.


I got a Hawaii driver’s license today. It took about two hours of standing in lines, paying fees, standing more lines, writing a test, standing in lines.. you get the idea. Having it makes me feel more local, to be sure.

Next up, an employment card.
Then a Social Security Number.
And then… a US$ credit card! :)


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