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March 21, 2005

A few inside pics…


When we moved in there wasn’t really a division between the bedroom and living room. The wooden frame was being installed, along with some track lighting. We opted to use just two of the lights.


Having a wooden roof like this is incredible. It takes you 80% of the way from apartmentliving to cabincool. Duly added to our list of, “if we ever build a house” stuff…


One of our favourite and most random wedding gifts made the trip as well. It probably cost NASA a hundred bucks to ship it here, worth every penny. Unfortunately Evgenya Banana lost an eye en-route, which is taped to the fridge while awaiting surgery.

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The below picture is after the sliding Japanese shuji were installed into the frame. Having a division between the bedroom and the living room is much nicer!

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March 21, 2005


We weren’t able to get high-speed internet access, so I’ve been on Evgenya’s work dialup for the last weeks. Then we got a faster 56k dialup from Verizon, a one month free trial while I tried to convince them to hook us up with DSL.

And then, a few days ago, our wonderful neighbour Kurt connected his DSL into the house’s cat-5 wiring and voila! We are signing along at high-speed again.


geckos and photos

March 13, 2005

We’re adjusting to living back out in the middle of nowhere again. Evgenya usually takes the car to work, and I’m seeing if I can make a go of it on dialup at home. No streaming music, graphics turned off and then on again in frustration, and no phone while online. Sacrifices. On the other hand, I’m enjoying again that happy fax-like screeching when your modem is negotiating a connection that means you’re connected.

You’re online like it’s 1995!

The drive to our place is about 20 minutes from town, 11 minutes of which is twisting dirt road up to the house. We see geckos inside and outside, and try to catch them (inside geckos, we never win) or photograph them (outside geckos, we sometimes win). This one was on our bedroom window and had just caught a cricket. Evolution didn’t equip the gecko with the ability or the interest in seeing danger directly below it, so we could take all the flashy pictures we liked of this little guy and he was none the wiser.


Hawaii has many steep valleys, which are devoid of housing simply because they’re too steep for building. This is the view to the right of the house, a few days ago when mist was rolling through the valley.



Two months after we boarded a plane in Victoria, we’re finally settled. And the sacrifices were worth it. (They always are…)