A few inside pics…


When we moved in there wasn’t really a division between the bedroom and living room. The wooden frame was being installed, along with some track lighting. We opted to use just two of the lights.


Having a wooden roof like this is incredible. It takes you 80% of the way from apartmentliving to cabincool. Duly added to our list of, “if we ever build a house” stuff…


One of our favourite and most random wedding gifts made the trip as well. It probably cost NASA a hundred bucks to ship it here, worth every penny. Unfortunately Evgenya Banana lost an eye en-route, which is taped to the fridge while awaiting surgery.

Resize of IMG_1578.JPG

The below picture is after the sliding Japanese shuji were installed into the frame. Having a division between the bedroom and the living room is much nicer!

Resize of IMG_1580.JPG

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