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fine furntiture, you say?

June 19, 2005

At the end of all the school year for my dad’s fine furniture course,
they had a big wrapup dinner and everyone displayed their final project.

As it turned out, they brought in four independant judges (two of them gallery owners) and gave away a $500 prize to the very best design.

They gave it to my dad.




June 16, 2005

Work is going really well. It’s fun to revert to Bachelor Workaholic mode for awhile. The drift is towards being up later, which is making it harder to get up at 6AM (to take calls starting officially at 9AM Pacific). Today I crawled out of bed at 7, which is already 1PM for many of our customers on the East Coast. *groan*

Check email… check the phone for messages… cooool. Nobody noticed! ;)

That judo class I went to was fine, but as I left I noticed another class starting in a building next door. I wandered over, tried a class and fell in love with it. AMAZING. After reading Bruce Lee’s book many times over, a chance to train in his art (Jeet Kune Do = “way of the intercepting fist”. For a quick background on him rent Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. Great movie.

Just like a musician, martial artists have influences. His influencs were Wing Chun (first art he learned as a child with an emphasis on fast hitting in straight lines) western boxing (distance, timing, wallop) and also judo and jujitsu (ground fighting).

The school I’m at is somewhat competition-focussed at the higher levels. That’s usually bad because sports have to be safe, so you’re either training yourself to hold back, or your art is actually modified to specifically avoid injurious strikes. If you really have to defend yourself, you don’t want to be sport-fighting, you want to be street-fighting.

At this school the training is focussed on full-contact fighting. We use safety equipment and we don’t hit each other hard. Lots of tag-got-ya drills though, which are always fun. Don’t worry mom! I’m not gonna jump in the ring, it’s just a good sign that the training is realistic. (And far less dangerous than when Byron and I used to wallop each other. ;)

My body is thanking me for taking up a physical activity, and I’m finding concentration at work is coming more easily as well.

missing ya

June 13, 2005

Bah. I miss my sweetheart.

Evgenya’s sitting on top of a large rock in Chile right now, hoping the clouds will go away so she can work.

She would never complain, and so I will do it for her. The trip there and back involves 60 hours of total travel time, to a place where the air is so thin you get headaches and nosebleeds and dinner involves stale bread, PB&J and an apple.

She works by night and sleeps during the day, the internet connection is slow and the coffee… well it just isn’t coffee. The country just got rocked by an 8.0 earthquake (she’s fine, didn’t feel it) and it’s probable that the clouds won’t go away and the whole effort will be useless.

Neat ’scope though.

I love you babe, hang in there!!

little lizard dude

June 12, 2005


This little fellah lives somewhere in our kitchen. We’ve seen him a few times, but he always says something about imminent suction cup failure and runs off before we can have a good chat.

They eat las cucarachas though, so welcome little brother. Welcome.


June 9, 2005

This is how bananas grow. Neato.