missing ya

Bah. I miss my sweetheart.

Evgenya’s sitting on top of a large rock in Chile right now, hoping the clouds will go away so she can work.

She would never complain, and so I will do it for her. The trip there and back involves 60 hours of total travel time, to a place where the air is so thin you get headaches and nosebleeds and dinner involves stale bread, PB&J and an apple.

She works by night and sleeps during the day, the internet connection is slow and the coffee… well it just isn’t coffee. The country just got rocked by an 8.0 earthquake (she’s fine, didn’t feel it) and it’s probable that the clouds won’t go away and the whole effort will be useless.

Neat ’scope though.

I love you babe, hang in there!!


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