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jungle living

July 11, 2005

The jungle is an interesting place to live.

We drive past the usual dogs and cats to get to our place, but when there’s rain there’s also frogs. Evolutionarily (yes, it really should be a word) these little guys are unprepared for the meaning of oncoming headlights, and so they just sit there. Presumably their little noggin’s are hoping the moon (which has just split in two and is approaching low along the ground) will go around them.

At night, black wild pigs meander around but move off into the bush pretty quickly.

We drive over fallen mangos and past bananas, increasingly acclimatized to the potential harvest around us. We vow to get some avocados off the tree, but we’re never sure when to do it.

Inside the house, we’ve fought mini-battles with ants that re-routed a highway through our living room one day and switched it back just as suddenly. Geckos appear on the walls from time to time, a mixed blessing. They eat other bugs, but then they leave their … evidence around the edges of the walls. We catch ‘n release the little ones but the big ones are just too fast.

Birds make all kinds of funky noises, but NONE of them sound like crows or seagulls? Yeah, that’s right baby. It really must be paradise.

Lastly are the cockroaches. Doesn’t the word just inspire the heeby jeebies? We don’t see ‘em often, the big ones at least but we’ve seen a few. My perspective on these guys has really changed though. I still think they’re ‘gross garage!’ as Evgenya would say, but the ones we have around here are different in my mind than any I’d have seen back in Victoria.

These ones are hapless jungle critters that wandered into our house on a routine walkabout. City roaches are parasitic nasties who live on garbage and creep us out. To put things in perspective, roaches have been around for a very long time. For eons, they were hanging out in the forest eating stuff, talking about world domination and smoking up (where do you think the term ‘roach’ came from?!). Then, humans arrived and word went out — PARTY in the new world!!

Anyways, they bug me less when I remember they’re forest critters and not Built To Bug People.

So yeah. Jungle living. Nothing quite like it.