Month: April 2007

girls’ names and math scores

A recent study concludes that giving a girl a feminine name (eg. Elizabeth) makes her less likely to do well at math and science. The idea is that other people’s expectations of her will be influenced by the name, and they will in turn…

Does good design really matter?

Because it’s so hard to measure the business value of good design, it naturally gets less attention from managers. It’s easier to watch things like visitors to a website, sales per day, rent and other costs. Recently we got a chance to see how much…

Programmed to be Happy – what a relief!

This is officially my first blog post… My involvement in the blogosphere has long been encouraged by Aaron but I’ve never felt like I had the time or the interest in connecting with people through the internet. That’s why I pay a bunch of…


choice, happiness and self-delusion

micro-lending: buying cows and changing lives

On the way to the coffee shop today, instead of listening to a podcast I turned on the radio and heard an interview with the founder of  They’re one of several micro-lending organizations making it easy to lend money to entrepreneurs in developing…

reuben at six months

reuben at six months young. reuben@6months video clip If the video’s choppy it’s also here

hmm, been awhile

Time to start posting again. It won’t always be about hawaii, but we’ll try to post more often. :) To start things off… this is pretty neat.