ruby loves the wind

I’ve always loved the idea that having kids would mean seeing the world all over again. When we’re with someone seeing something for the first time, we get to ride along and it’s always a bit magical.

With a baby this young it’s even more delightful, because he doesn’t hide his feelings. Everything you see is exactly how he feels it, with no filters between him and the world.

He loves to lie on the bed and feel the wind passing over him. He’s come to associate the curtain moving with the wind coming.

Watch his hands. They express the almost overwhelming feeling of what he’s experiencing as well as any words.

(Rueben under breeze video here)

Uploading this for Evgenya who’s landing in Australia on her way to observe there for a few nights… The pirate boys are flying solo, and frozen food never tasted so … so when are you coming home babe?



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