Update & Count down

Making web software is all about iteration.

First you put out an incredible, world-changing product. Next, people tell you why it’s no good, and then you keep refining it until they change their minds or you run out of money, time or willpower. Usually money.

Because we haven’t yet opened the front doors and let the world in, we don’t know the answer to the only question that really matters; “Will people actually use this?

It’s easy to rationalize the delay. The longer we keep polishing, the less likely we are to make a bad first impression.

On the other hand we could realize we’ve been adjusting the rear-view mirrors while the rear axle sits waiting to be installed.

Anyways, we’ll have something to show the world by September 20th. These rear-view mirrors are almost right…


5 Comments on “Update & Count down

  1. I have no idea what ‘it’ is, and probably will still be clueless once ‘it’ is released but I hope it works out for you. Go option A!

  2. Don’t want to “stress out”, but you promise to show something by September 20th…

  3. Thanks Kristy, I’ll ping you when we launch.

    Curious: Indeed. Sorry for the lack of updates. We ended up pushing back the launch date, a decision I’ll explain more soon.

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