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Reuben Walks!

It’s been pretty neat to watch Reuben learning to walk. For the last couple months he’s wandered around the world holding onto people’s hands. If you were to let go of his hand, he would immediately pursue the safest course of action and sit…

happy mother’s day!

(Insert mother’s day video here)

imagine a real fresh start!

I enjoyed this video (1 hr, 26 mins), about a man with total amnesia rediscovering who he is and meeting all his old friends again for the first time. Lots of interesting questions are raised such as how much of our personalities are based…

ruby loves the wind

I’ve always loved the idea that having kids would mean seeing the world all over again. When we’re with someone seeing something for the first time, we get to ride along and it’s always a bit magical. With a baby this young it’s even…

tuff guy

tuff guy video of Reuben Hope you like it! If it’s choppy Evgenya also uploaded it here. -aaron

girls’ names and math scores

A recent study concludes that giving a girl a feminine name (eg. Elizabeth) makes her less likely to do well at math and science. The idea is that other people’s expectations of her will be influenced by the name, and they will in turn…

Programmed to be Happy – what a relief!

This is officially my first blog post… My involvement in the blogosphere has long been encouraged by Aaron but I’ve never felt like I had the time or the interest in connecting with people through the internet. That’s why I pay a bunch of…


choice, happiness and self-delusion

reuben at six months

reuben at six months young. reuben@6months video clip If the video’s choppy it’s also here

hmm, been awhile

Time to start posting again. It won’t always be about hawaii, but we’ll try to post more often. :) To start things off… this is pretty neat.

The Boob Tube

Breastfeeding. Who knew it was a skill? I always figured you’d take the kid, hold him in front of your breast and he’d know what to do. I mean, he’s hungry right? Go for it, son! We got it working, but at first it’s…


Yesterday brought a dab of wine, a little bit of the snip snip and lots of joy. Welcome to the nation, kid! His name is Reuben.